what to do in new zealand

What to Do in New Zealand: Cultural Tourism

If you are visiting New Zealand for the first time, you should go for cultural tourism. What is cultural tourism in general? It means getting familiar with a new place via its culture, history, traditions, museums, galleries, and theatres. Is it suitable for New Zealand? Even more, than you could ever imagine. 

New Zealand is full of interesting cultural attractions to visit and delicious traditional places to eat.

So, let’s get started.

Top 7 Cultural Attractions in New Zealand

Today we’re going to be exploring 7 wonderful places to visit in New Zealand and Napier particularly.

  • Museum of New Zealand (Te Papa Tongawera) is the first place you should go to discover the culture and history of the country. It is a huge, modern, and innovative place which differs a lot from any other museum. The museum is all about New Zealand, its traditions, and Maori history. Be ready to spend here a couple of hours wandering from one exhibition to another. Visit this place. You definitely will not regret. Te Papa Tongawera
  • Auckland Museum. It is a memorial for those who have lost their lives during the wartime. The exhibitions in the Auckland Museum cover several categories with absolutely different collections and exhibits. Auckland Museum
  • Air Force Museum in Christchurch will be definitely interesting for the male audience. Here are presented the world’s best military aviation vehicles. It is a great place to visit for children of all ages. Air Force Museum in Christchurch
  • Faraday Centre in Napier has absolutely beautiful artefacts and exhibits of very old and unique car vehicles. And what is more interesting, this museum allows you to touch every exhibit displayed in it. Faraday Centre in Napier
  • MTG Hawk’s Gallery. If you’re looking for something different, go to MTG Hawk’s gallery. It is not a simple gallery. It is a real art space. Here are successfully combined art exhibitions and theatre events. It is a very modern, stylish, and unusual place, which should be on a must-see list of every tourist.
  • Brookefields Vineyard. It is almost impossible to miss the vineyards while being in New Zealand. New Zealand and Napier particularly is the region of wine. Combine delicious wine and beautiful landscapes at this chic place with friendly staff. Brookefields Vineyard
  • And the last but not the least is Creative Arts Napier. Despite the fact that the outside of this art space may seem to be very simple, the inside is incredible. It offers exhibitions and art events on a regular basis. Exhibitions are changed every few weeks, keeping this creative place interesting and different all the time. For example, here you can observe Terry Fowler’s exhibition, Immerse exhibition, Scary Cats exhibition, visit live poetry events, and much more.

And which of the mentioned cultural places of New Zealand you would like to visit first?