art grants in new zealand

Arts grants in New Zealand

The governments in developed counties understood the power of arts. It brings to people new thoughts, stimulates their development. Arts is a way of expression.

Why arts sphere gets funding?

Today governmental and non-governmental bodies finance the development of young artists. Why do they do so?

  • They want to see a new quality of society.
  • They want people to develop in the right way. Arts gives freedom to human emotions. People who do artistic work are happier.
  • It develops the economy. A country with fine arts is a rich country. The art market is enormous. It attracts investors from different corners of the world.

Learn how to get financing

New Zealand formed its profitable economy rapidly.

  • It allocated overseas business models.
  • It implemented the most recent trends in politics, culture, juridical spheres.

Today the arts sector of New Zealand gets enormous funding. New Zealand offers great grants navigator for its artists. Go to It is a reliable website. The funding offers are concisely described on this webpage.

It offers grants for different types of arts. Funding for dancing, painting, sculpture, literature can be found here. Use a filter to choose your artistic sphere.

How does it work? An artist should:

a) Find a grant that suits him.

b) Check grant’s description

  • required theme of project;
  • durability of financing;
  • amount of financing;
  • specifics of controlling from the grant holder.

c) Read well the grant documentation. It really differs for small and big grants. Sometimes information is very concise. For big grants it can reach several dozens of pages. It must be read.

d) Prepare his project proposal. The structures is determined by each grant holder. But it has always to contain:

  • aim of the project;
  • what skills and abilities the artist will gain after its realization;
  • how the project suits the thematic requirement;
  • why the concrete amount of financing is needed.

e) Send a proposal for evaluation. The evaluation process is ruled by certain criteria:

  • the relevance of the project;
  • quality of desired outcomes;
  • the innovational character of a project.

f) Wait for a final decision. It usually takes around 3 months in case of regular grants. For very big ones it can take 6-8 months to be approved.

It is better to prepare a good grant application. Grants in the artistic sphere are not easy to get. The competition is fierce. You should try again and again. A person can always get support from the holder’s managerial team. He should ask if something is misunderstood.

Funders always welcome people with courage. For them, a person who tries gets additional points. Try your best! Search for relevant grants! Enjoy your favourite artists work with no worries about finance!