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Nature and culture come together in Napier

In 1931, an unprecedented and vicious earthquake almost wiped the town off the map. From the rubble rose a place like no other. 

The centre of the city was rebuilt simultaneously and almost completely and in the style of Art-Deco making it unique in the world. Napier is an architectural time capsule for an era when building stopped in the rest of the world because it was braving the Great Depression. 

But since then, Napier has grown to be so much more. Set in one of the worlds most prolific wine regions, embedded in natural beauty and surrounded by as much contemporary art as history, the town has become one of New Zealand’s most stunning tourist attractions. 

One of the most beloved wine regions in the world, Hawkes Bay is home to a dazzling collection of grape varieties and a huge spectrum of incredible wineries and restaurants.

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Hawkes Bay Wines

Oldest Winery in NZ
Different Soil Types

World class Wine Region

Hawke’s Bay is fast becoming one of New Zealand’s most beloved destinations for wine. The area stretches from Esk Valley and Bayview in the north through to Central Hawke’s Bay to the south with Hawkes Bay covering over 1.4 Million hectares overall. The area boasts the title of oldest wine region in New Zealand and is also the country’s second largest after Marlborough. 

With 76 wineries and more on the way, the region will not disappoint when it comes to wine tasting options. 

The region is known for both red and white wines, including Syrah, Pinot Noir and their famous Merlot-Cabernet blends on the red end of the spectrum and Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay on the white end. 

art deco napier
Napier's best known secret

The Art Deco Festival

Visitors every year
Day Festival

Every February, Napier puts on its festive attire at the Art Deco Festival – an elegant celebration of the era of its birth and everything that is 1930’s vintage: cars, music and the visual arts.

Why art deco?

After a 7.8 Richter scale earthquake levelled the city, a monumental rebuilding effort was made – by the end of the 1930s, Napier was the newest city on earth, completely rebuilt in the style of the era, Art Deco. Napier’s Art Deco is one of a kind, including Maori motifs and local patterns and has developed into a unique style that captured the vivacious spirit of the time. 

The Festival

Napier makes time travel a breeze, giving visitors a fully immersive experience of the 1930s every year. Experience the glitz, glamour and naughty fun of the prohibition era through over 200 separate events. From the great Gatsby picnic to the vintage car parade, the festival is full of opportunities to experience one of history’s most exciting periods. 

2020 Event dates

Napier Art Deco Festival 2020
19 – 23 February 2020

Winter Deco Weekend 2020
17 – 19 July 2020

Napier Art Deco Festival 2021
17 – 21 February 2021

Winter Deco Weekend 2021
16 – 18 July 2021

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